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2019 so far

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

1. Un Monde Plus Grand, the French feature film directed by Fabienne Berthaud is currently in post-production. Guru Media handled the film's production that took place in Mongolia in summer 2018 and Ariunaa Tserenpil serves as an Executive Producer as well. More than thirty Mongolian film crew members were involved in production. Details, including the first still, can be found at the following link.

Behind-the-scenes still from Bedridden production in Fall 2018.

2. Bedridden directed by Byamba Sakhya is currently in post-production in Berlin at Studio Mitte.

3. In pre-production is White Road Pictures' forthcoming feature film which Guru Media will assist with production.

In the midst of these projects, Guru Media is excited to continue partnering with more collaborators and bridge filmmaking between Mongolia and the wider world.


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