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UB Film Lab

The first motion picture was introduced to Mongolia back in 1935 and since then Mongolian cinema has captured our historical, social and cultural transformations for more than 80 years. At this moment there are more than 50 titles released every year, but the industry remains fragile. Very few films travel beyond the borders of Mongolia due to a lack of financial resources and film industry infrastructure. This Lab is aimed at training the new talent that although lacking of resources, have the potential and determination to contribute to Mongolian film. We are excited to help enhance the local filmmaking capacity of Mongolian cinema. 

The UB Film Lab is a year-round, laboratory that supports emerging Mongolian film talents – with a special attention to those working on their first and second fiction & documentary films - through training, project development mentorship, and production support activities. The Lab includes several activities and offers various forms of support in each of these fields. The training initiatives includes ScriptLab, Soundlab,  Development Lab and Production support Lab. The launch of UB Film Lab will be an Artist Residency. 

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