At the SCO Filmmaker Seminar

Updated: May 30, 2019

Recently our producer Ariunaa Tserenpil was invited to participate at the the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Filmmaker Workshop organized by China Film Co., Ltd. that took place between Beijing, Shanghai and Qingdao. The 12-day seminar covered a variety of topics concerning the Chinese film industry such as history of Chinese cinema; advancing international coproductions, technological advancements in film-making; Chinese and global film market development and further trends; policies and regulations to promote further collaboration and exchange between international partners. Guru Media is thankful for SCO and China Film Co., Ltd for inviting our organization!

Ts. Ariunaa (second left on top row) at the Forbidden Palace with other delegates of the seminar.

Ts. Ariunaa with producer A. Narangarav from Eagle TV.

Ts. Ariunaa with producer A. Narangarav from Eagle TV.

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