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‘A Bigger World’ World Premiere


In order to get over the death of Paul, the love of her life, Corine leaves Paris for a few weeks in Mongolia. But her meeting with the shaman Oyun upends her plans, as Oyun proclaims that Corine has received a rare gift. Back in France, she cannot refuse what is now imposed on her: she must go back to Mongolia to begin her initiation... and discover a bigger world.

The French film Un Monde plus Grand otherwise known as A Bigger World directed by Fabienne Barthaud had its world premiere at the 76th Venice International Film Festival! Based on the true story of Corine Sombrun and starring Cecile De France, the film explores the experience of a grieving French woman who travels to northern Mongolia for work and unexpectedly experiences a spiritual awakening upon an encounter with a Mongolian shaman.

More than thirty Mongolians were involved in the production as actors and crew members on the Mongolian side of production that took place in the summer of 2018 in Tsagaan Nuur of Khuvsgul province, Mongolia. Guru Media was represented by Ariunaa Tserenpil as a Mongolia-based Executive Producer and Byamba Sakhya participated in the casting of Mongolian actors. Two Mongolians were selected to have lead roles: Tserendarizav Dashnyam as Oyun, the master shaman and Narantsetseg Dash as herself, a translator.

Guru Media organized the overall Mongolia-based production for A Bigger World and is delighted to see the large French-Mongolian collaboration come to the silver screen. The film will have its Mongolian premiere at the 2019 Ulaanbaatar International Film Festival this coming October.

Director Fabienne with actors Narantseteg and Tserendarizav

Cecile De France with Ariunaa, Executive Producer & lady from Moron

French-Mongolian crew members on location at Tsagaan Nuur

The French-Mongolian crew

We are very proud and thankful for the entire French & Mongolian crew for making the production possible and especially applaud the extremely talented Mongolian crew comprised of Jargalsaikhan Tseveen (Second AD), Oyundari Khurelbaatar (Mongolian production manager), Battsengel Erdenebat (set designer), Bolor-Erdene Naidannyam (prop master), Tuvshintogs Badral (Mongolian chief gaffer), Davaanyam Delgerjargal (Gaffer and Still photographer) and Ochirbat Myanganbuu (Moron Location Manager), Gansukh Geserjav, (transport captain and security director) and Otgon-Erdene Erdene-Ochir and Gunsen Khurelchuluun, (production assistants).


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